Honestly, take nothing from people who show gratitude for things you may consider immaterial.

For example, my face used to be the convergence point for various sizes of pimples and black heads, especially during my university days.

I also found it hard to believe it had anything to do with puberty. Instead, I surmised I was being punished for past sins.

Sometimes, I even likened my face to the texture of a sandpaper and wondered what it must feel like to be blessed with a spotless face.

I tried all kinds of home-made recipes in hopes of liberating myself from the shackles of puberty-induced acne.

Week in, week out, i assaulted my face with a barrage of supposed remedies. Red oil, raw eggs, aloe vera, honey, lime, cleaners, dusting powder and several other things I can't remember.

Not only that, I also stayed away from foods known to trigger acne eruptions. Butter, magarine, nuts, garri, fried foods and what not.

I forced upon myself a deep-seated fear of oil. Heck! I even avoided oranges.

Vanity upon vanity.

Today, having expressly defeated puberty to a significant extent, I look back and thank heavens I don't look anything like what I've been through.

Now, I eat whatever the hell I want without fear of whatsoever.

My enemies thought they could maintain a permanent grip on my peace of mind but my guardian angel had other plans.

My guardian angel is not dulling me.

The thing is now paining wicked people and I'm just here watching them fail one by one.

Power has finally changed hands and my real colour has started coming out small small.

My enemies have failed.

They're looking at me and wondering where it all went wrong for them. Oh no, they have all failed.

And their headache dinor concern me again.

In fact, lemme find someone to help me buy groundnut and butter so I can eat it with fried yam, plus one bottle of groundnut oil.

Esu ti pofo.

Abraham's blessings are mine.

Ogun kill pimples papa!

-       Damzy.