Last week, I read a Facebook post where the author recounted the brutish experience of a friend who suffered repeated acts of domestic violence at the hands of her university boyfriend.

When she threatened to leave, she was countered with threats of death and more attacks, as were her family members who tried to intervene.

When she actually left, the guy had her assaulted, robbed and raped.

According to him, the decision to breakup was solely his to make, and he sure saw it out till the very end.

Similarly, I remember stumbling on a post on one of Facebook NG's most popular groups. On it, people were asked to wade in on domestic violence and for some unsurprising reason, bulk of the comments leant in the direction of mansplaining spousal obedience and respect, and chastising women.

Basically, men were encouraged to "try to" exercise restraint while women were advised against provoking their partners and arranging their homes.

The few sane people who diced the matter as it ought to, were either completely ignored or garnered fewer likes and sub comments compared to the mansplainers.

Frankly, I have no research/survey to back this up but from my observation, it appears most of the men who get away with domestic violence are often involved with women who come from underprivileged background, women who have no one to fight for them, let alone avenge them.

The privileged women however, either endure sufferings because they believe "it comes with true love", they fear societal gossips, because they successful hide the truth from the public, or for whatever reasons best known to them.

But you see, things don't work that way where I come from.

I have a 16-year old sister who in a few months will be enrolled in a university. Sooner or later, the boys will troop in, and it's pointless denying that eventuality. I also don't plan to be a big brother who would constantly harass his baby sister with phone calls seeking to know her whereabouts. A little bit of this and that is just about enough to keep her in check. She will have her choices to make, as I did, and still do.

One thing though, no man born of any woman will consider testing his physical dominance on some people's daughters/sisters. And if you do, rest assured poetic vengeance will be preceded by an acceptance of apology, after which you'll be made to ply your trade elsewhere.

And good luck being a notorious gangster or whatever dreaded affiliation you choose in life because for you, justice will not only be enacted for one costly mistake, but several others before the last one.

I say this not for anything, but because our society is in the habit of systematically instituting and normalizing rubbish, so it behooves us to take alternative measures as the need arises.

I've also come to realize that for us to win the war or at least record significant achievement in the fight against domestic violence, we may need to beef up civil (and cyber) advocacy with physical corrections.

And by physical corrections, I don't mean warm handshakes or round table discussions.

Where I'm from, the only time we're encouraged to raise our hands on women is when spanking their well-moulded butts like bedroom gentlemen or restricting their airways while their pupils dilate in solemn appreciation of our sexual generosity.

And that's that about that.

-       Damzy