On a lighter note, I think the Angels discharging heavenly duties for Nigerians have their work cut out for them.

One minute, a Nigerian is wishing they could get spare cash to go out and have fun, the next minute they're laying claim to being introverted just to conceal brokeness.

So the Angel tears the initial prayer point and sits on the floor wondering how the plot sharply changed.

One minute, a Nigerian is praying to have the best cosmetic products available out there, the next minute they're claiming team natural.

So the Angel is left wondering how 1 + 1 suddenly became zero.

One minute, a Nigerian is praying for visa approval to the abroad and the next minute, they're claiming they'd rather remain in Nigeria than become second class citizens of well-developed countries.

So the Angel cancels the initial Champions League appointment and kuku banishes the Maradona-ish Naija patriot to the eternal domestic league. Or even Division Two.

One minute, you're praying to have enough money to scatter your pot with plenty meat, and the next minute someone uploads a picture of their meat-infested cooking pot, you suddenly declare yourself a vegetarian.

So the Angel kuku sends more ugwu and efo leaves to your pot so you can graze on them like the livestock you've chosen to become.

One minute, you're praying for a car and the next minute, oppression is tearing your shirt and transforming you into a fitfam ambassador who thinks trekking has more medical benefits than driving.

So Mister Angel kuku requests that your life be elongated in all walks of life, so that you can finally trek to death.

One minute, you're praying for a job and the next minute, you're vexing about how you can never serve anyone and would rather be your own boss.

So the Angel changes course and instead asks that more space be created for you on Facebook to become a CEO at self-employed.

Shebi you want to be mad?

Morale of the story: Constant cross-carpeting might be hindering your prayers from getting answered. So please, just choose a side and stick with it.

People eye dey chook for street abeg.

Angel full ground wey never deliver prayer point.

So do quick comot for line before weapon go begin fly for air.

Time dey go. And we plenty wey wan hammer for this life.

-       Damzy.