Looks like some of us still need time to process a reoccurrence that leaves much to be desired.

Time and over again, we've witnessed and endured humiliation in both public and private places, at the hands of a man some once and probably still presume means well for us.

How people ignored the warning signs no longer befuddles me. We were privy to history books written by some of the best story tellers to have walked the animal farm that is Nigeria.

Chinua Achebe, Kole Omotosho, Max Siollun, Frederick Forsyth and sundry, all told Nigeria's horrid story to a significant extent. But we dumped the sacrosanct elements of their message.

By our own hands, we brought calamity upon ourselves.

Now, I don't intend to update you on Buhari's latest gaffe on foreign soil, but let's bear in mind that the longer that man remains on that seat, the worse and near irredeemable things would certainly get.

He remains a grossly detrimental gift that keeps on giving.

We have a leader who deliberately derides his own compatriots at gatherings peopled by leaders and top ranking officials of foreign countries where a sizable number of Nigerians hope to migrate to in search of a better life.

His utterances low key and high key thwart the aspirations of Nigerians who seek progress outside this country.

Not only do we suffer disrespect and humiliation at the hands of a despotic president, his insensitive comments on both local and foreign soil do nothing but dent our global identity and render us susceptible to dehumanizing encounters among foreigners.

However, this is not the time to ask unintelligent questions.

There are several alternatives to this arrogantly unserious man but for some strange reasons, some people have found ways to puncture holes in the candidature of these sane presidential hopefuls.

Take out time to follow Kingsley Moghalu, Donald Duke and perhaps Hassan Dankwambo. By God, I hope Peter Obi pops up at some point.

If you wish to be relentless in your support for Buhari, do so by all means and make it clear. But don't robe yourself in the garment of mischief and good-for-nothingness by trivializing the ambitions of his prospective opponents. Don't go about asking to know who the alternatives are.

Did I purposely omit Omoyele Sowore from the mix? Certainly not. Last week, we had a brief casual chat while boarding an outbound domestic flight from Lagos and it didn't take long to figure out he meant business, albeit peacefully.

But two things unarguably hang over his head;

- some Nigerians haven't forgotten how his news platforms, Sahara Reporters & Premium Times, bastardized journalism ahead of the 2015 elections and thereby made them conclude he was contracted to aid Buhari's victory.

- he needs to understand that general elections aren't won with Aluta-style campaigns. No one should expect to greatest-of-the-greatest-gbogbo their way to an electoral victory. At least, not in a country of this magnitude.

Nonetheless, I admire his gut. SR and PR's reportage of the Buhari-led government remain as critical as they were under GEJ, only that they seem more refined, which is perhaps due to underlying threats of a crackdown by the current civilian dictatorship.

By all means, get your PVC.

Bother not about the atrocities Buhari and his gangsters intend to perpetrate at the 2019 polls in collusion with INEC. You only need to exercise your civic responsibility by pulling weight behind a more serious candidate.

Ovie Omo-Agege made away with the made just in time the electoral bill was passed, a bill that seeks to reshuffle the election time table, and place gubernatorial elections before its presidential sequel. In spite of Ovie's roguish display, he appears to have lost this battle.

So, our mission is to get Buhari the hell out of that position in 2019 or watch the whole country disintegrate into demographic compartments. It's the hidden option being championed by regional stalwarts if all else fails, including former military top guns I'm sure we all know about.

From my preliminary projections, a powerful candidate of northern extraction would emerge and halve Buhari's poll numbers. And then, the winner will be determined by whoever the south supports, by and large. Furthermore, I trust the south south and south east to vote in unison as they always have, so the onus lies on the south west - with its swing states.

If one party successfully marries Moghalu, Duke, Obi, Dankwambo et al. under one roof, it is finished.

However, this is a delicious dream that can only be realized through consistent seriousness and civil advocacy on our path.

I've lived and travelled widely enough across Nigeria to conclude that we youths aren't lazy, our growths are just being stifled by the same scoundrels we elected, hence the resultant apathy.

It's time to show these gangsters the stuff we're made up of.

If our votes won't count, they won't be so desperate to consistently entice us with bogus campaign promises.

Get your PVC, my dear friends.

-       Damzy.