So I've been following online conversations involving experienced professionals across various platforms and recently stumbled on a lowkey popular hiring trick employed by some companies.

You know those job descriptions/profiles that look like journals or abstract sections of our final year projects?

Those jobs that have plenty requirements so mumbled up you'd start doubting your capabilities?

Well, I learnt some companies actually do that on purpose, primarily to disperse those they deem "unserious" or "lazy". So, basically, it's their first mode of disqualification.

Take for instance you scroll through a thread of job openings and click on a role advertised by say an international or notable domestic organization. Halfway into reading it, you're already exhausted, so you go back and proceed to other threads. In your mind, "the work is too much abeg"

Meanwhile, your counterpart who probably lives next door or faraway, already took their time to read it all and made some jottings along the line. In their jotter, they write:

"Paragraph 1 - they want someone who speaks/writes fluently, persuasively and confidently."

"Paragraph 2 - they want someone who can maintain calmness during crisis or pressure."

"Paragraph 3 - they want someone who can meet traveling demands. Perhaps a corporate adventurer."

"Paragraph 4 - they want someone who can proffer outside-the-box solutions to complex problems. Not every time, theories and textbook application. Someone who shaves his armpits regularly, as against covering the stench of armpit hair with expensive perfume."

"Paragraph 5, 6, 7, 8 ....."

Then, they tailor their application along those lines. Their cover letter and CV are also laced with keywords found while reading the entire jargon. Whether or not they get the job, they have at least proceeded to the next round and only lost out to those who read and jotted even better than they did.

Now, compare that to someone who lost interest and discarded the job thread after seeing the text volume alone. So you see, not everyone with a juicy job nepotized, bribed or slept their way through before they got it.

Merit remains an esteemed treasure among recruiters who seek remarkable organizational growth and development, which can only be achieved by high-flying employees.

The Nigerian labour market is a hotbed of intense competition among graduates with varying degrees across various institutions. Some of these lengthy job listings/literatures are mere decoys.

So, always take your time to read them, then apply like you know the job was created for you.

The competition is stiff.

Don't take a knife to a gunfight. Chuck Norris will never think of throwing punches at Jason Statham.

Peeshuan! Jason don fall yakata for gran.

Anyway, that's that about that. I'm glad to have shared this with you guys.

-              Damzy.