7 Rules That Could Probably Help Your Relationship

Private:  There is a big difference between a secret relationship and a private one, though the lines separating them are quite thin, the difference is clear. A secret relationship transcends social networks and creeps into something we often forget, which is real life. Where a private relationship can be one where you people are quite public to your inner circle, but a mystery to those outside. A private relationship keeps public opinions away from the growth of both parties and gives both sides an opportunity to work things out.

Respect: Probably the biggest part of the relationship. A productive relationship cannot exist without respect for one another. It helps with every aspect of the relationship. Each side must respect what makes their counterpart unique from their emotions, to their thought processing, or even their need for space at times.

Individuality: At times, we tend to get lost in the shuffle, when it comes to a relationship. We find ourselves wanting to please the other, but feel like a bit of our own self is missing. Yes, it is true that when in a relationship, you should think as one, but it takes parts to make a whole. Both sides are unique beings with distinct backgrounds and with time, characteristics will mesh and become one. Before then, don’t hide or fail to share your stance on different topics, even if it is an opposing view, this helps your partner know you a lot better. If it’s right situation a whole lot more accepting.

Vigilant: We all want to know what our counterpart is thinking or what it is they truly want, but the truth is we truly don’t know everything we want in life. Half the time, things aren’t always said, they are shown. We are all sensitive beings and with times, our views and opinions change so we tend to give off body language rather than expressing how we feel verbally. This goes for both genders; it’s just that one does it more than the other. The more vigilant we are, the better the chance we can catch those things that are lost in translation. In the process of converting feelings to words, unfortunately certain things tend to go unsaid.

Adhere: There is no better feeling than knowing your biggest supporter is the one you love. The more you prove to your partner you are with them no matter what, the better results you get from a relationship. People tend to fear getting hurt from relationship, but you can never really be in one unless you give it a 100%. It helps with building trust when your partner doesn’t have those fences up. I know we fear heartbreak, but the rewards of a fruitful relationship far outweigh the pain of heartbreak.

Communication: This one I think explains itself; it’s so simple it seems to get difficult. Communication takes away assumptions, which is such an ugly word. An assumption in a young relationship is a virus, it makes you lean towards what ifs, and usually that rarely is the case. The more you communicate the better your relationship gets, we are all unique in the way we handle different situations so communicating takes that barrier and helps both sides understand each other. Whenever there is communication in a relationship, rumors will hold no weight.

Yield: This being a very difficult task to ask, but once it feels right, it might be time to be accepting and let go of all defenses. It is what is best not just for your relationship, but also yourself, and your better half. Once you start worrying less about yourself and start worrying about your counterpart you are in a situation where you know, your partner has your best interest in mind. Thinking of self-will only slow down the process and possible hinders the entire relationship that you have both build.

I consciously ignored the word love because love seems to be a combination of multiple feeling and words. It is hard to put your finger on love but when it is there, you just know it is. Love is one of the building blocks in a healthy relationship, but also a destination in others. I will happily touch on it at a different time.