Six Things I am Learning in Quarantine

Bio: My name is Ore and I’m a 21 year old Nigerian-American residing in NYC. I enjoy writing occasionally and hope my work blesses and inspires you in some way.

We’ve been in quarantine for a month now and, one way or another, we are realizing and relearning a few (or a lot) of things about ourselves, those we live with, and the world around us. I made this list to take a step back and acknowledge a few things while also reflecting on some triumphs. I hope you do the same. 

  1. Black people are more susceptible to covid-19 fatalities. 
Black people have the leading numbers in cases of high blood pressure and asthma ( Pre-existing health conditions make our community more susceptible to a virus that weakens the immune system. This along with prejudices built into the healthcare system decrease likelihoods of getting proper treatment and ultimately beating this virus. Let’s please take care of ourselves. 

2.              Am I really making time to do the things I had wished I had time to do?
I am sure I am not the only person who has thought “if only I had the time to do [blank], I would”. Well reality is that now I have the time and I’m still not doing it. I wanted more time to creatively write and this has been my first piece since quarantine. Since you are reading it right now, I have successfully taken the first steps! Think of one thing you had always wished you had time to do it and challenge yourself to do it by the end of this week. And if you don’t, you don’t and that’s okay too!

3.              You either a) love b) tolerate c) dislike d) hate the people you’re living with
Cases of domestic violence and divorce have been going up since the quarantine (just google it) and a lot of people are realizing sadly they either don’t know or don’t like who they’re living with. I gave these options because I really want you to think about them. Fortunately, I’m finding out that I really do love my family members, even in the midst of intense (sometimes physical, but all out of love) UNO games with my siblings. Twenty-four hours with someone brings out his or her true colors and maybe you have been realizing some qualities you like or dislike about the people you’re living with. Moving forward, how do you go about it?

4.              Acknowledge your privileges during this world crisis: I am a citizen and I have health insurance. 
I read somewhere that some sick immigrants are avoiding treatment over fears of deportation. Know two major things: 1) healthcare professionals and providers are barred from disclosure of your information underneath the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). 2) They cannot be legally obligated to hand over any information unless under a warrant. Head over to the National Immigration Law Center to get a full list of your rights. 
            Although hospitals cannot turn you away whether or not you have health insurance if you are in need of medical assistance, that won’t stop the bills from coming later on. With health insurance, a majority of these costs are covered (and sometimes that still leaves a hefty bill). Lord help us. 

5.              Is this time bringing you closer or farther away from God? 
I love Jesus so of course I had to slip this point in. Being honest with myself, I feel like I was more intentional about building with God during pre-quarantine. I recently joined Instagram again and it has been very distracting along with my other social media platforms. A lot of us only talk with God on Sundays at church or when we need something. Be honest with yourself and get intentional. Take the time to pray about those in need, your present and future circumstance, and thank God for the life you have right now. 

6.              How much I will appreciate going out to eat, socialize, and see my friends. 
I don’t like labels, but I consider myself more of an “introvert”. I like socializing with people I like but then afterwards I need time to myself. I hope to start having more meaningful conversations with people. I would like to hug my friends, but physical touch is a 0 on my love language scale (lol) so I might reconsider. And I know for a fact that I will appreciate each invite and outing (cause quality time is my #1). 

Lastly, these aren’t being ranked in any order of importance. Remain safe and blessed!